The administrator and at least 50% of the staff at TLRS will have first aid and Infant/Child CPR training. Our goal is 100% CPR trained.

All staff has had verification of references, background and criminal record check.

Director/Owner is personally responsible for all employee hiring/hiring policies.

Licensing & Accreditation
We are licensed by Bright from the Start GA Department of Early Care and Learning.

Ages of Children Served
We serve children from 6 weeks old through Pre-Kindergarten.

Please do not block the front of the building, unless it is an emergency.


Checking In & Out
Check In and Check Out are mandated by the State of Georgia.

Please "Check In" and "Check Out" on our forms located in the front lobby.

At 6:00 pm, if you have not picked-up your child or notified TLRS, emergency contacts will be notified. If you are late picking up your child, a charge of $1.00 per minute will be added to your invoice. Chronic late pickup will not be tolerated and are grounds for dismissal. TLRS reserves the right to dismiss students for three documented cases of late pick-ups. Please, adjust your schedule so that you can pick your child up by our closing time.
Any child not picked up by 7:00 pm will be released to the local Police Department.

No child will be released to any unauthorized person(s). The person picking up will be required to show some form of picture I.D. or by you sending a picture and name to the school phone for comparison.

When your child is picked up or dropped off at the school, parents will not allow their child to enter or leave the school without being escorted. Please do not allow siblings to drop off or take from classrooms. TLRS assumes no responsibility for your child's safety while they are being escorted into their room or once you have taken them out of their classroom. You are welcome to stay and visit TLRS as long as you like, but once you have taken your child out of their classroom, please do not allow them to run throughout the school or enter other classrooms. Always alert the teacher that you are taking your child.

If the lights are off in a classroom, children are sleeping or attempting to sleep. If you must enter the room, please do so as quietly and quickly as possible. Both children and teachers will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

You are responsible for keeping the school advised of significant and current changes in the information on file for your child.

Car & Booster Seats
You may leave car seats in the front lobby, space permitting. Please make sure your seat is easily identifiable with a label to prevent any accidental swaps.