Waiting List


Go to our "FORMS" page. Print and complete ALL forms that are "required to enroll." Some information can be left blank, such as child's name and DOB (for soon-to-be-born babies). Return the completed forms to TLRS with your $75 dollar registration fee. In March, once we have determined how many spaces we have available, we will tour (if necessary) and fill openings with our "wait list" students, in the order we received the forms. If we cannot accommodate due to lack of space, we will refund your registration fee.

On rare occasions, we have mid-year openings. If this happens, we will call age-appropriate children from our waiting list to fill.

Registration and Tuition

A $75.00 Registration Fee is required for each student (family) who enrolls at TLRS.

A $75.00 Yearly Non-refundable Supply Fee is due upon Enrollment for each child and applies to existing students as well. This fee is due for existing students each August. A reminder will be posted. This fee helps offset the cost of consumables and supplies without incurring a tuition increase. New students enrolling after August will pay a prorated Supply Fee for the remaining portion of the school year ($6.25 per month). Please see the table below for prorated rates for new students:

January $43.75 July $6.25
February $37.50 August $75.00
March $31.25 September $68.75
April $25.00 October $62.50
May $18.75 November $56.25
June $12.50 December $50.00

Holding Fee

At TLRS, we start the school year on the Monday of CCSD pre-planning week. The school year ends on the Friday of the CCSD post-planning week. During the school year (45 weeks), ALL students are full-time, 5 days per week students. We have a Summer Session (7 weeks) as well. During the Summer Session (only), our students can choose to remain full-time, can drop to part-time or can take the summer off. To go to part-time, you can attend 1 - 4  day(s) per week, but the days must be the same day(s) each week. To take the Summer off, you must pay a non-refundable Holding Fee to "hold" your spot until Fall, when the new school year begins. Your Holding Fee is the amount that you pay each week for tuition (per child). This information is relayed to TLRS in March, when your "Intent to Return" form is due. 

The Holding Fee can also be used if your child will be out for two or more consecutive weeks (not Christmas Break), with Director and/or Administrator approval, for maternity leave, sickness, surgery or other approved absences. We cannot "Hold" a spot indefinitely and have set a maximum limit of 6 weeks (7 weeks for Summer Break). 
No tuition breaks will be given. If your child is absent, you will still owe for the time your child is absent. 

In the Summer, if you are a part-time student (attending less than 5 days per week), and TLRS is closed on your day(s) to attend, you may swap for another day(s) in the same week if space is available. We offer no guarantee that space will be available. Carefully examine the days that TLRS has posted as "closed" days before choosing your day(s) to attend to help avoid this situation as a part-time student. We do not "make up" sick days.


The weekly 5 day rate is $185.00 per child per week (Full Time). A sibling discount rate for two or more full-time students is $170.00 per child, per week. If you have a child currently enrolled at TLRS, that child will remain at their current tuition rate, if you are paying less than $185.00 per week (grandfathered-in). For example, if you are currently paying $165.00 per week and you enroll another child (after 1/1/2018), your weekly rate will be $335.00 per week ($165.00 + $170.00).
The daily rate is $45.00 per day per child (Part Time - Summer Session Only). No sibling discount is available for part-time students.
How our Tuition Payment System Works (Updated September 2010)

1. Weekly

2. Monthly

At the first of each month, you will be sent an INVOICE for the month (via email). The INVOICE will show the amount that you owe for the month. You may make WEEKLY payments each Monday or a MONTHLY payment on or before the 10th of the month. At the end of the month, you will be sent a STATEMENT for the month (via email). Your STATEMENT will show the same information that is on your Invoice plus list all payments made during the month (as well as your check number if you pay by check). The STATEMENT will tell you if you have an outstanding balance for the month. If you have paid your tuition correctly, your STATEMENT will always show a zero balance. If your STATEMENT shows a negative balance due, you have overpaid for the month and your next monthly INVOICE will be credited accordingly. End-of-Month payments are not an option.
What happens if I do not make my tuition payment?

Please come talk to us immediately if you have tuition related issues! If we do not hear from you:

If payment is not received, your child will not be allowed to a attend on their next scheduled day and a $50 late fee will be applied to your account. If the tuition is not paid by the end of the week, a 30% collection fee will be added to the balance and your account will be sent to collections. TLRS reserves the right to add 50% to your account balance if legal action is required. No child with an unpaid balance will be allowed to return to TLRS. Costs will continue while a child is out due to tuition not being paid.

A $50 late fee will be applied to your balance on the 11th. All accounts with an unpaid balance on the 15th of the month will have a 30% collection fee added to the balance and your account will be sent to collections. TLRS reserves the right to add 50% to your account balance if legal action is required. No child with an unpaid balance will be allowed to return to TLRS. Costs will continue while a child is out due to tuition not being paid.

Be sure to let us know which method you plan to use at sign-up.

Drop in Rates

The Drop-In daily rate in any class is $40.00 and is available when space permits. No infant drop-ins are allowed. Please call first -space is limited. You must be enrolled to drop in. Drop-ins days are random days added to a part-time student's schedule.

Class Filling Procedures

Full-time students will have top priority. As enrollment nears capacity, existing part-time students will have the opportunity to enroll as full-time students. This will be offered on a seniority basis. When this occurs, if you do not wish to enroll as a full-time student, you will forfeit your enrollment and be bumped to make room for the new student.

General Payment Inormation

All required forms must be thoroughly completed and turned in with the non-refundable fee or your child's space will be forfeited. This includes the waiting list.

Payment is to be cash, check or credit card. When using a credit card for payment, a 2.8% fee is added to the amount if a card is "swiped." If the credit card information is called in, the fee is 3.6%. There is a charge of $40.00 for any returned checks due to insufficient funds. In that case, from that point forward we will take cash only.


If withdrawing a child from the school, a two-week notice is required. This should be a written notice to the Director. All outstanding tuition must be paid accordingly before withdrawal. If you have an unpaid balance, it must be paid when your child withdrawals.


Our parents are our best advertisement. To reward your referrals, we will discount your monthly tuition $15 for new part-time students and $30 for new full-time students. This is a one-time credit and will occur the month the new student begins at TLRS.