Please print and fill out the below forms as needed. These forms are essential for properly serving your child’s needs and are required by GA DECAL. Thank you!

TLRS operates a "closed group" Facebook page where photographs and videos of our Staff and Children are posted. Once you are enrolled, you must ask to join the group before you will have access to view the images. By enrolling, you are giving TLRS permission to post pictures/videos of your child(ren). If you do not want us to post images of your child(ren), please inform us in writing with your enrollment forms.

 Click here for Enrollment , Emergency Medical & Parental Agreements Form (Required to Enroll).

Click here for Exploration Form (Required to Enroll).

Click here for Handbook Approval Form (Required to Enroll).

Click here for Liability Insurance Form (Required to Enroll).

Click here for Infant Feeding Plan & Update (Required for Infant Classroom Enrollment Only).

Click here for Authorization to Administer Non-Prescription Medication (Required to Enroll).

If your child needs to be administered PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION while at TLRS, please see the Director/Administrator at drop-off for the proper forms.

Click here for Application for Employment.