These sections included important information and are considered our electronic TLRS Handbook. Please read the information thoroughly and contact us with any questions. To enroll, you will be required to sign a form stating you have read and understand these rules and policies and that you promise to abide by them.

Please remember, not knowing a rule or regulation does not mean that you do not have to abide by the TLRS Handbook. Study your Handbook thoroughly! This Handbook is subject to change without any written acknowledgement.

This is the TLRS Handbook and this electronic copy over rides all earlier printed copies.

Our mission at TLRS is to engage the five senses in all aspects of life with love, encouragement and fun. Learning begins immediately from birth and continues throughout life. Not all children learn by the same methods therefore, activities that stimulate all of their senses ensure that each child will move forward in strong character, social, emotional, spiritual and academic development. At TLRS, we will take the everyday events in life and make them teachable moments, which aids in creating well rounded children. We feel children need structured freedom to explore their own God given gifts for learning. Each day at TLRS will be a new day to grow and prosper in all areas of life within a Christian atmosphere.