Emergency Procedures

TLRS rigorously follows the best safety practices and has plans in place to maintain order and collaboration in the unlikely event of an emergency, including fire, gas leak, bomb threat, loss of utilities, structural damage, loss of child and injury.

Emergency Plans

Notification - TLRS will attempt to contact all primary contacts by phone and/or email in the event of any emergency or injury.
Severe Weather - We will monitor severe weather using a NOAA weather radio.  In case of severe weather not requiring evacuation, we will protect the children by following the guidelines set forth by NOAA for general severe weather safety.   In any event of a weather emergency; severe thunderstorm or tornado the following rules should be exercised.  The Director will notify each class by coming door to door or use of the school wide intercom system.
Each classroom teacher should gather her/his students together and exit out the closest interior door. Sit the students against the interior wall in the hallway.  The teacher should bring hardbound books to accommodate the number of children in her classroom to be placed on the student’s heads.  In the event of a tornado, the students must sit with their knees bent, head between their legs, holding the book over their heads.
If the classroom is on the playground, the Director will notify the teachers to come into the building immediately and follow the above procedures. 
Building Damage - In case of building problems that do not require evacuation, we will continue to operate as normal while sectioning off any potentially hazardous areas.  If any damage affects climate control drastically or causes structural damage to the building, TLRS will follow procedures for notification and evacuation.
Loss of Child - If a child cannot be located on school grounds, all available personnel will immediately begin searching for the child.  One person will be posted at the front of the street entrance to make sure the child cannot leave the area.  All others will begin searching in the last known location.  The Director or Assistant, or person designated to call will dial 911.   Authorities and parents will be notified immediately.
Death of a Child - If there is ever an accident that resulted in the death of a child, 911 would be notified immediately to send proper medical attention.  All students would be moved away from the scene and taken back to their appropriate classrooms at TLRS, until parents could be notified for an emergency pick up.  Volunteers would be called to comfort the group and provide counseling, until parents could get to TLRS.
Emergency Medical Care - When urgent emergency medical care is needed, we will call 911 for assistance from an ambulance and medical unit.  We will leave it at their discretion where to take the child, but Northside-Cherokee Hospital is officially required to provide medical care to our students.
Evacuation - In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation, 911 authorities will be notified, (including but not limited to: severe weather, fire, gas leak, bomb threat and building damage).  TLRS and authorities will transport children to the New Hope Baptist Church located on Hwy. 140 in Canton.  Children will be transported via The New Hope Baptist Church Bus, which does not require car seats. The contact person at New Hope Baptist Church is Martha Odom.