I have read and understood the electronic TLRS Parent Handbook included under “About TLRS.” This includes the following sections:

Information About Us
Registration and Rates
Wellness Policy
A Day at TLRS
Diapering/Potty Training
Inappropriate Behaviors
Emergency Procedures

I agree with the information covered in the sections listed above.  I understand that the pricing, policies and procedure may change.  The Director will make pricing changes known, at least one month prior to the new pricing schedule.  If at any time I have a question, comment or complaint with TLRS, I will address it with the Director.   A copy of the Handbook will be available for your review, at any time.

 Please remember, not knowing a rule or regulation does not mean that you do not have to abide by the TLRS Handbook. Study your Handbook thoroughly!

Click here to download this form.  Please sign, date and turn this form in with your enrollment papers.