TLRS' Mission & Curriculum Philosophies

Our mission at TLRS is to engage the five senses in all aspects of life with love, encouragement and fun. Learning begins immediately from birth and continues throughout life. Not all children learn by the same method therefore, activities that stimulate all of their senses ensure that each child will move forward in strong character, social, emotional, spiritual and academic development. At TLRS, we will take the everyday events in life and make them teachable moments, which aids in creating well rounded children. We feel children need structured freedom to explore their own God given gifts for learning. Each day at TLRS will be a new day to grow and prosper in all areas of life within a Christian atmosphere, remembering that they are young children.

Our curriculum at TLRS was developed by the Owner/Director and experienced teachers and includes ideas gathered from Abeka and Bob Jones University Press, as well as hands on experience from teaching public Kindergarten, Preschool and Homeschooling. Refer to the preschool schedule for breakdown of the daily activities.

Every day at TLRS is filled with activities that focus on engaging the child's five senses with excellence. Creativity and learning is centered towards the development of the whole child in a Christian atmosphere of loving discipline, laughter and movement. Each month, TLRS will strongly encourage each family to participate in the calendar events for each classroom. TLRS will do whole school activities that create unity within TLRS.

Christian teachings are adapted from the Holy Bible and various supplemental materials with Christian principles.

Classroom Observations

We have an open-door policy, so you can visit your child any time during the school day. In order to respect the classroom environment, we ask that you observe the following guidelines for visiting:

  • Please approach the classroom and "look and listen" before entering the room to ensure that you are not interrupting an important conversation or a lesson. All classrooms have "peek a boo" windows except the 3 and 4 year classroom. Use the glassed entrance doors to watch into these rooms.
  • Please refrain from comments toward individual children that are directly related to their abilities, appearance, development, behaviors, or personal life, etc.
  • Please do not discipline any children, but do let the teachers know of any concerns.


Bulletins and Notices

TLRS will maintain a bulletin board in the lobby. Important notices and information will be posted here for parents to view. All special notices will be posted on the front door. Also, a cork board will be on the outside of each classroom for special events and other notices posted for parent information relating to your child's classroom.