What Should My Child Bring Every Day?

Please clearly label your child’s name on all items, including diaper sleeves.

1 or 2 complete, weather appropriate changes of clothes (shirts, pants, socks, underwear); also provide extra pair of shoes during potty training stages.

Jacket with hood, or a hat, mittens in winter.

Nap time security needs – small, soft items that can fit in their bag.
Please DO NOT bring toys from home.  Toys from home cause disruptions in class and will be placed back into your child's bag to take back home.  TLRS will not be responsible for lost toys brought from home.

Adequate amount of diapers daily, and/or Velcro tabbed pull-ups for potty learning stages.

Enough bottles for the day filled with appropriate amount of milk (up to 12 months old only), label with your child’s first and last name with date.

Baby food, as needed.
What Should My Child Wear to School?

The children are exploring and experimenting with the world around them and using a wide variety of art tools and materials daily.  In order to facilitate spontaneous play indoors and outdoors, children should wear clothing that are washable and replaceable.   Please, do not wear clothing or shoes that cannot be stained.  TLRS will change children who get wet or excessively dirty, if they have a change of clothes from home.

Children should only wear closed-toed shoes or closed-toed sandals.  They are easier to move in, help prevent injury, and are more comfortable for the children when playing in the sand and bark.

Please bring your child dressed for the day and not in night clothes.  The teachers will not have time to dress your child.


We provide breakfast, all drinks and all snacks. You are to send your child a simple sack lunch daily. Guidelines for lunch requirements are posted in each classroom.  Children will learn self-help skills, such as:

  • Saying a Blessing before beginning to eat.
  • Cleaning up after themselves.
  • Table manners. 

The food at the center is closely monitored for potential food allergies therefore, any food brought into the school with the intention of sharing with others MUST be store bought, unless approved by the Director. 

Occasionally there will be a “cooking” project.

Play Areas

We use our facilities’ play areas, as well as the two acres of land on which it sits.  We provide your child with many different opportunities for exploration throughout each day and week.  Exploration of the school areas may include the sport’s field area.

  • Please complete the Exploration Form that will allow your child to explore the grounds outside the fenced areas.