A bleach water solution is used to sanitize between diaper changes.  Each room is equipped with a changing station which includes a sink and exhaust fan above the table.

Diapers are checked approximately every one to two hours, (exception being during rest time) and changed when they are wet or have a bowel movement.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help stop the spread of germs.  The teachers will help children wash their hands prior to eating meals or snacks, after using the restroom or diapering, when coming into the classroom from outdoors, and as needed in addition to these times.

Potty Training

TLRS does not have any restrictions on moving a child into the next aged room that are dependent on toilet use.  We respect you and your child and want only the best for them, realizing this is a developmental skill that cannot be determined by age.

Potty Training takes teamwork between the family, child and teachers.  Success depends on patience, understanding, and consistent adults, as well as a child who is physically and mentally ready.  We will not begin potty training until the entire family and all child care providers are on board. Your child needs to be able to verbalize their need to potty on a consistent basis before training at school can begin.

Parents must be helping with potty learning while at home AND away from home in order for the process to be consistent and successful.

Children need to CONSISTENTLY exhibit all of the following signs of readiness at TLRS before teachers can begin helping with the process.  Your child must be able to:

Understand and follow simple directions                       
Dress and undress themselves
Run and climb easily
Have a dry diaper for at least two hours at a time during the day
Express interest in using the toilet consistently
Verbally expressing their need to use the toilet consistently
State or signal the need to use the potty consistently 

Teeth Brushing

We allow time for students to brush teeth before nap time.  Due to time restraints, students must be able to handle this task independently of the teacher.  If you wish, send appropriate materials and let your child's teacher know to allow time for your child to brush his/her teeth.